About Me

I have been a crafty person as long as I can remember, I went from 1 hobby to another so often that I became a jack of all trades (sort of)  I sew, I bake, I draw, I do jewelry, the list  just goes on....
but after I discovered card making, it stuck, I finally found my favorite hobby! 
After buying a few clearence stamps at a local store, I decided it was fun but I needed better quality stamps, and after googling, one of the first things that popped up was Hero Arts Website, I quickly joined up, and silently stalked the inspiration on their flickr group, for  several months before I finally bought my first set of stamps from them, not long after I was playing along with their challeges, and getting to know the other members from all over the globe, who encouraged me to keep  going with my craft.
 My cards started looking so much better then they were want to, and many of the ladies in the group sent me all sorts of things to help me along with my growing hobby,  from stamps to ink, and stickers, and even some tools of the trade.

As I continued to improve and keep up with the latest technique, it became part of my daily routine, to converse with other cardmakers and share ideas and little tips that help each of us along, whether it was storage tips, or just good idea's in general.

Then through Hero Arts I was introduced to Operation Write Home(OWH), at the time it was called Cards For Heroes, but it was an orginization created by cardmakers for troops over seas;  They would send their handmade cards blank to various groups and stations and the troops would write in them and send them back to their families.
I was touched that I could use my favorite hobby to help people keep in touch with loved ones as they served their country, so I began to spend time making cards to send off and got doantions from many of my friends on flickr to help me make more, I became obsessed with it and got permission from my local Archivers to hold public events at their store, inviting people to come and help the cause. This went on for a year r 2 every other month, till things started getting very complicated, and I had to stop, but I'm looking forward to picking it back up soon.
Pretty Soon my Mom was also hooked on cardmaking, and it was something we enjoyed doing together, and every year for my Birthday her and I go to a weekend long event were we doing nothing but make cards all day away from home.
I am also interested in photography, and am looking to perfect my "shooting" skills.

To make a long story short(er)I have been making cards since 2006 and am a big sister to 2 and little sister to 1, I'm currently working as a substitute teacher, at a daycare center, from the ages of 3 weeks old to Pre K, and after school and summer breaks, 1st Graders.
Other Pastimes I enjoy are playing piano, archery, biking/hiking/swimming, family games, and archery practice with my Dad every fall.

10 Fun Facts
 Favorite color: Green (of any shade, but mostly kelly green)

 Favorite Desert: Chocolate chip cookies (and mostly the cookie dough)

I Love Pasta

I'm a Baseball Fan (GO Cardinals!)

I have a Beta fish named Torch and a Dog named Sherman

Favorite Season: Autumn (I love the wind and the vibrant colors)

Favorite Animal: Horses, but dogs come in a very close 2nd maybe I like them both equally.

Sometimes I speak with random accents, usually a mix between Irish and Aussie (I did it so often for the fun of it, sometimes it just comes out that way naturally now)

I Love going to Fairs, Carnivals, and Shows.

I hope to someday open my own shop with my art and photography.

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